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Roche Accu-Chek Performa Alat Test Gula Darah

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136 Rating: 2.0/5 (105 votes cast)

Harga: Rp. 800.000,-


SKU 0136
MERK Roche
KONDISI Diabetes


# Fast 5 second test time for quick and easy blood glucose testing
# Tiny sample size <0.6 µL with under-dosing detection. Up to 5 seconds to re-dose the same strip
# Fast fill strip. Blood sample is quickly absorbed by the test strip
# Ergonomic Design. Rubber grips make it easy to hold.
# Auto-adjusts for temperature variables. Performs at temperatures from 6oC to 44oC
# Auto-detects the effects of humidity. Performs at relative air humidity of 10-90%
# Expired test strip alert notifies user when strips are close to expiration date
# Test reminders. Set up to 4 automatic reminders for different times throughout the day.
# Test averaging. Meter provides 7-,14-, and 30-day test averaging.
# 500 test result memory for improved blood glucose tracking
# Infrared downloading capability. Results can be downloaded to your computer using our data management products


* Meter Display: LCD
* Automatic Power: 90 seconds
* Auto power on with strip insertion
* Auto off when strip is removed (5 seconds)
* Auto off in 2 minutes if meter not used
* Power Supply: (1) 3V lithium battery (CR2032)
* Battery life: Approximately 2,000 readings
* Measurement Time: 5 seconds
* System Operating Conditions: 6°C to 44°C
* Meter Storage Conditions:
o 25°C to +70°C without battery
o -10°C to +50°C with battery
* Relative Humidity Operating Range: 10 to 90%
* Memory Capacity: 500 results with time and date
* Dimensions: 93 x 52 x 22 mm (3.7 x 2.1 x 0.9 inN)
* Weight: Approximately 62.0 g (2.2 oz) with battery
* Data Port: Infrared (IR) window
* Test Principle: Electrochemical
* Test Averages: 7-, 14-, 30-day
* Other features: Hypo indicator, 4 customisable test reminders, general flag, auto control ID, automatic recognition and rejection of expired test strips.

How To Use

The Accu-Chek Performa meter is easy to operate and thanks to the preset time and date*, enables the user to begin testing quickly.

Testing Blood Glucose

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and dry them well.
Insert a test strip into the meter, and verify that the code number displayed on the screen matches the code number on test strip container.
Both a test strip and blood drop symbol will appear on the display.
Touch the drop of blood to the front edge of the yellow window on the test strip—do not apply to top of the strip or window. A flashing hour-glass symbol indicates enough blood has been applied. If necessary, more blood can be applied within 5 seconds. The result appears in the display.

In addition to fingertip testing, the Accu-Chek Performa system can be used for testing on alternate sites, including the palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh or calf. Alternate site testing (AST) requires the use of a special lancet cap. Consult your healthcare professional to see if alternate site testing is suitable for you.


Meter Accessories

* Carry case
* Test strips
* Accu-Chek Softclix lancing device or Accu-Chek Multiclix lancing device
* Batteries
* Control Solutions
* Owner’s booklet
* Quick Reference Guide

Data Management Software

* Accu-Chek 360° Diabetes Management System
* Accu-Chek Smart Pix device reader

Cara Pakai

1. PERSIAPAN : Usap jari dengan alcohol swab/ wipe, pasang lancet ke Softclix,

( khusus tiap ganti tabung strip baru, ganti code chip )

2. PASANG STRIP. Ambil 1 strip tes dari tabung. Tutup tabung segera supaya tidak lembab.

Pasang strip tes ke slot di kaki meter. Maka meter akan auto-on

3. CEK NOMOR KODE KALIBRASI. Bandingkan nomor kode kalibrasi di layar apakah cocok dengan label tabung strip

4. SAMPLING DARAH / COBLOS JARI. Gunakan alat pena coblos Softclix yang bebas nyeri untuk coblos jari.

Lokasi coblos pada sisi samping jari supaya bebas nyeri

5. APLIKASI SAMPEL KE STRIP. Aplikasikan setitik darah ( seperempat tetes darah ) ke lengkung strip tes .

Titik darah akan terserap otomatis ke jendela bantalan kuning ( menjadi merah darah )

6. BACA HASIL GLUKOSA . Baca hasil glukosa setelah 26 detik


Roche Accu-Chek Active Alat Test Gula Darah

Rp. 525.000,-

4 Rating: 2.3/5 (151 votes cast)

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